Medication Check-up is a program available at Atlantis Pharmacy where the expertly trained pharmacists will:

  • Review all your medications, including over-the-counter products, dietary supplements, herbals
  • Review your medical conditions to ensure your medication(s) are working effectively
  • Identify any concerns or problems with your medications or conditions
  • Provide you with wellness, healthy lifestyle, or disease prevention strategies

Atlantis Pharmacy provide the Medication Check-up program to keep you healthy!

How does the program work?

The Medication Check-up program involves:

  • An initial pharmacy visit with your pharmacist to gather medication and medical information
  • Creation of a personalized plan that includes individual health goals and treatments
  • Continuous follow-up by your pharmacist to monitor your progress, medications, and health

How can this program help me?

You may not know but 40% of individuals have at least one health-related problem that is directly related to medications!

Your Atlantis Pharmacy pharmacist can help correct and prevent medication problems by:

  • Answering your medication questions
  • Help you understand each of your medications
  • Make sure you receive the correct medications, at the right dose for you and your condition
  • Help reduce bothersome side effects from your medications
  • Detecting and preventing medication interactions
  • Helping you organize and remember your medications

Remember: The most expensive medication is one that is taken incorrectly.

What is the cost of the program? FREE

It is the goal of Atlantis Pharmacy to provide services that exceed your expectations and help effectively manage your health. Prevention and knowledge is the key to Keeping You Healthy.  Visit Atlantis Pharmacy today!