What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance found in your body.  Cholesterol is important for your body to work correctly but too much cholesterol can lead to heart disease.

You have different types of cholesterol in your body.

  • Too much LDL or “bad” cholesterol can increase your risk for heart disease.
  • High amount of HDL or “good” cholesterol can reduce your risk for a heart attack as this type helps clear cholesterol from your body.

Cholesterol Test

Atlantis Pharmacy offers a Cholesterol Check Program that measures your cholesterol to give you a better understanding of your heart disease risk.

The test is a simple and fast blood test – results in minutes.

One prick of the finger measures:

  • Total Cholesterol
  • LDL (“bad”) Cholesterol
  • HDL (“good”) Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Blood Glucose

Why blood glucose?  This test measures the amount of sugar or glucose in your blood.  Knowing this value can help to effectively manage your heart disease risk.

At Atlantis Pharmacy, we want everyone to be healthy and to know their risk of heart disease.

The fee to administer the test: $45 ($35 without blood glucose).

The results of the rest are provided and explained by a trained pharmacist.

Tips to prepare for the cholesterol screening test:

  • Fast for 12 hours before the test, meaning no food or drink, to give you the best results
  • This is a simple finger test so make sure that your hands are clean
  • Don’t want to wait? Call ahead and schedule an appointment

It is the goal of Atlantis Pharmacy to provide services that exceed your expectations and help effectively manage your health.  Prevention and knowledge is the key to Keeping You Healthy.

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