Atlantis Pharmacy facilitates two quick, easy tests for people wishing to learn more about their own health status and predispositions. We work directly with Medicare and Medicaid so that most tests are at no cost to the consumer. Genetic testing is an essential means for long-term understanding of one’s own health traits or tendencies – and those of one’s family members with shared genetic composition.

Tests are conducted via a noninvasive oral swab which is submitted to one of a network of highly trained and technologically advanced laboratories for processing. Our combined tests offer valuable information for doctors and patients to create informed strategies for appropriate diagnostic plans, monitoring and any potential treatments.

PGX which produces: Pharmacogenetic testing indicates ways that genes affect how someone will react to specific drug treatments. This helps physicians prescribe medications for maximum effectiveness and minimal adversity.

CGx which produces: Cancer genomics screening (CGx) provides critical insight on the ways that genetic mutations might create risks for various cancers. Early detection through this type of testing increases chances for survival and successful treatment.

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